Launching Careers in Space: Creating an Interactive Tool for Aspiring Students with STEM Worldwide

Our collaborative approach helps STEM create an innovative website for secondary school students

A screenshot of STEM Learning's Career's in Space questionnaire tool

The Problem

STEM Learning and ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) wanted to develop an online tool to assist Secondary School students interested in careers in Space and Earth Observation.

They needed a web development partner to work alongside their digital team and UI designer to deliver an interactive platform that would guide students in identifying the higher education routes necessary for pursuing their desired careers. The solution needed to be user-friendly, and optimised for speed and mobile screens - the primary device usage of the target audience.


  • UX
  • Web Development
STEM Learning and ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) logos

The Process

We collaborated closely with STEM's digital team and UI designer throughout the development process. 

From the initial stages of UX design and wireframing, through to the creation of high-fidelity designs and build of an interactive questionnaire tool.

Working with STEM from the project’s infancy ensured that we built a website with optimisation and accessibility in mind, without compromising on engaging user experiences. Rich, yet lightweight animations were designed to navigate the user through space as they answer each question, creating an immersive journey as they discover the steps required to start a career in Earth Observation.

  • Interactive Questionnaire Tool
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Mobile first
  • Optimised for speed

The Solution

The resulting tool takes the form of a stepped questionnaire that guides students interested in Space and Earth Observation careers towards their higher education options. 

Our established approach to digital projects delivered an interactive tool that offers two routes for students to explore: identifying education options for an Earth Observation career or working backward from a desired role to discover the educational path required to reach it. With inclusion of real-life case studies it offers practical insights into the industry.

The tool not only serves as a valuable resource for students but also reinforces STEM's commitment to fostering interest and providing guidance in the field of Space and Earth Observation careers.