Helping Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Revamp Seasonal Campaigns

Providing impartial analysis to help enhance marketing efficiency through clearer processes and smarter use of technology

Screenshot of a marketing planning tool

The Problem

Ferndale Pharmaceuticals, part of the UK Health & Wellbeing industry, faced a challenge in effectively managing their seasonal campaigns. 

Their marketing efforts spanned various channels and targeted both B2B and B2C audiences and campaigns encompass a wide range of activities, such as in-clinic POS, digital marketing assets for clinics, online offers, webinars, PR campaigns, and targeted email marketing. Coordinating with different teams, stakeholders and freelancers, proved to be a difficult task, resulting in several pain points.

The existing process relied on a combination of spreadsheets, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Salesforce, and Power BI. However, this fragmented approach lacked clarity, consistency, and efficiency. Stakeholders felt uncertain about the process, struggled with ownership and responsibilities, and faced challenges in defining campaigns and maintaining creative momentum. The absence of long-term plans, ongoing communication, and clear links between activities and the sales funnel further compounded the problem. The tracking, analysis, and review of campaign impact were inadequate, hindering future improvements.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Impact Mapping
  • Process Design
  • Technology Audit
A screenshot of used as a centralised campaign planning tool

The Process

To address these challenges, we embarked on an extensive discovery process, analysing existing campaign processes and artefacts, and interviewing key stakeholders across the company. 

This collaborative approach allowed us to gain clear insights into Ferndale's pain points and develop an effective solution.

Through Impact Mapping, we documented the current campaign timeline, highlighting important milestones, key decision-makers, and incorporated feedback from team members regarding their roles and experiences throughout the delivery of campaigns. This assessment enabled us to identify areas where a more streamlined process or the implementation of technology could enhance campaign creation efficiency.

  • Centralised campaign platform
  • Improved measurement
  • Clearer communication
  • Iterative improvement

The Solution

Our solution revamped Ferndale Pharmaceuticals' campaign management. 

By addressing the identified pain points and implementing a clearer, simplified approach we helped Ferndale's marketing and digital teams to unlock more time to deliver more creative and targeted campaigns.

A key aspect of the solution is a centralised campaign management platform, using, tailored specifically to Ferndale's requirements. This served as a single source of truth for all campaign activities, allowing brand managers to coordinate tasks, delegate responsibilities, and facilitate a clear sign-off process. The platform's features ensure accountability and reduce inefficiencies caused by scattered communication channels and disjointed workflows.

To enhance the effectiveness of campaign activities, we introduced clearer audience definitions, precise metrics, and KPIs. The data-driven decision-making approach facilitated more informed strategic choices, ensuring resources were allocated to initiatives that could deliver the most impact.

We championed a culture of continuous improvement through regular retrospectives, these collaborative sessions bring together all relevant team members to review and analyse the performance of past campaigns. These retrospectives not only assessed campaigns against their KPIs but also offer an opportunity to evaluate the underlying processes, and make iterative improvements where required.

We are committed to helping clients embrace new technology and introduced Ferndale Pharmaceuticals to opportunities to introduce automation, such as AI-driven content creation, to further optimise efficiency.