Wordpress performance

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Improving your WordPress site’s performance doesn’t have to be a time consuming and expensive task. By following a few simple steps and keeping yourself informed, you can improve your site’s performance and padding your wallet at the same time!

One of the key areas of WordPress performance optimisation is using a properly coded and lightweight theme. You should also make sure your theme is optimised for mobile devices, as there are now more visitors accessing websites using mobile devices than ever before. You can also save time and money on theme upgrades by finding a theme that receives continuous design and performance updates.

Another key component to WordPress performance optimisation is regularly updating your plugins. Many of the plugins available for WordPress are free, thus provide limited feature sets and are often not updated on a regular basis. By updating the plugins on your site, you can ensure that you are taking full advantage of all the features available and at the same time improving the performance and security of the website.

Although there are numerous WordPress performance optimisation strategies, following the advice of this post should help you make the most of your site’s performance, at an affordable cost.

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